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A successful product launch requires more than just a great new idea. It relies on end-to-end product management – considering everything from customer needs to tracking success and managing potential risks.

Join Manjula Iyer, ex. at MICROSOFT, to learn the fundamentals of successful product management for the entire product lifecycle.
Make every stage of a product lifecycle successful
Learn to influence without authority as a product manager
Produce an MVP that allows you to adapt fast
Discover how to use epics, specs, roadmaps, and backlogs
Get career advice on how to succeed as a product manager
Learn from a leading expert from a world-known company sharing his experience with the international audience:
VP of Product Management at health-tech company 98point6
Led Product Management teams at large-scale companies like Microsoft, GE Healthcare, and Sears Home Services, as well as high-performing startups
Experience launching products from the ground up, scaling existing products, and pivoting failing products to become successful
Demonstrated skills in leading multidisciplinary teams across geographies, driving growth and profitability, improving processes and efficiency, and handling large budgets
Academic background in computer science, with multiple patents and papers in high-performance computing and mathematical modeling
Our approach is to provide not only theory, but useful knowledge that you can apply in your work and achieve your professional goals.
About the course
End-to-End Experience
Learn how to design and launch a product from the ground up. With clear strategies and measures for success, you’ll discover what’s needed to build a product that customers love.
Tools & Strategies
Develop your own toolkit of product management techniques and frameworks to use in your career. You’ll learn to build a robust product strategy, pricing models, risk management plans, success metrics, and more.
Career Guidance
Get ready to land your dream job in product management with a bonus mock interview session at the end of the course. Manjula will provide you with personal feedback and help you build your own brand as a product manager.
FEB 21
6 weeks
13 classes
every Tue and Thu,
Live Lectures
+ Workshops
+ Personal feedback on homework
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We give practical knowledge
During the course you will find innovative ways to connect with your customers and determine your unique selling point, vision and core values of your brand under the guidance of the instructor.
We support everyone
During the entire course you are accompanied by the instructor and our team. You will receive support while working on your homework, and will receive individual feedback and answers to your questions during office hours and in class.
What is Product Management?
TUE (2/21), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Dive into the world of product management as you learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of a product manager and why the role is necessary.

  • - The importance of product management
  • - The role of a product manager
  • - Different phases of a product lifecycle
  • - Cross-functional leadership and managing stakeholders
Values in Product Management
THU (2/23), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Discover the technical skills needed to succeed as a product manager and the building blocks of an effective product team.

  • - Influence without authority
  • - Clarity in roles and responsibilities
  • - The importance of decision-making
  • - Running effective meetings

Assignment #1: Consider how you would establish credibility with senior team members as a new product manager. Describe your plan of action during the first week, month, and quarter of your new role.

Fundamentals of Product Management
TUE (2/28), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Learn the basics of defining a product (vs. a great technology idea).

  • - What is a product?
  • - Identifying customer pain points
  • - SWOT analysis
MVP in Product Management
THU (3/2), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Don’t try to boil the ocean! Learn how to create an MVP (minimum viable product) that lets you fail fast and adapt.

  • - Assumptions and hypotheses
  • - Preview stages: alpha, beta, private and public
  • - Getting an initial set of users and customers

Assignment #2: Think about developing a file-sharing service in a regulated industry such as healthcare or finance. Define the MVP for your product, stating assumptions and hypotheses.

Building your Product
TUE (3/7), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Learn how to create a product vision and roadmap – in collaboration with engineering teams.

  • - Product features, requirements, and stories
  • - Roadmapping and prioritizing
  • - Product management methodologies
  • - Using epics, specs, roadmaps, and backlogs

Assignment #3: Develop a one-year roadmap for the file-sharing service. Share a backlog for Q1, Q2, and H2. Pick one feature and write a one-pager outlining requirements.

Feasibility Analysis
THU (3/9), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Build your customer and develop personas to better understand their needs.

  • - Understanding and evaluating a customer segment
  • - Defining personas and their needs
  • - Customer development

Assignment #4: Look back at the MVP you developed for assignment #2. Describe the customer segment and define your target personas.

Conceptualizing the Solution
TUE (3/14), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

It’s time to start thinking about the solution. What does it look like? Can users easily do what they need to?

  • - Wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes
  • - User studies with real customers
  • - Workshop: A/B testing

Assignment #5: Pick one of your target personas. Draw a wireframe for the user experience of one user sharing a file with multiple users. Consider permissions, authentication, security, and validation.

Metrics for Product Management
THU (3/16), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

How can you define success? Learn to set criteria for the product and align with internal stakeholders.

  • - Choosing product metrics
  • - Popular metrics frameworks
  • - Tracking metrics
  • - Aligning metrics across an organization

Assignment #6: Define the metrics for the file-sharing service you’ve been creating. How would you track these metrics? Next, choose your favorite smartphone app and imagine you are the product manager. Define 3-5 metrics that you would want to track for the app.

Building a Product Strategy
TUE (3/21), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Explore how to bring a product to market, including the keys to customer onboarding and support.

  • - Designing a go-to-market strategy
  • - Global rollout
  • - Training and onboarding users
  • - Providing support, documentation, and FAQs
Fundamentals of Finance for Product Managers
THU (3/23), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Learn the basics of finance for product managers and understand how to read a profit and loss (P&L) statement.

  • - Understanding financial statements and the balance sheet
  • - Creating a business case
  • - Managing a P&L
  • - Determining pricing models

Assignment #7: Create a tiered pricing model for your file-sharing service.

Risk Management
TUE (3/28), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Despite everyone’s best efforts, products fail. Here’s what to do when that happens – and the steps you can take to avoid it.

  • - Why do products fail?
  • - Developing a risk management plan
  • - Testing, audits, and inspection
  • - Quality control and assurance

Assignment #8: Develop a risk management plan for your file-sharing service (optional).

Succeeding in a PM World
THU (3/30), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

In this final class, you’ll gain career advice and tips on landing a job or promotion in product management. Learn how to demonstrate your value and impact.

  • - Building your brand as a product manager
  • - Getting a product management job
  • - Managing a team of product managers
  • - Maintaining trust and credibility
+ Bonus Class: Express Interview Practice
TUE (4/4), 5 PM UK/6 PM CET

Each student will have five minutes with Manjula for a mock interview (one question) with time for feedback.

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