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UI/UX designers play a crucial role in video game development, creating captivating and consistent gaming interfaces that keep players engaged. Join Ariel Mallo, Principal UI Artist at Frontier Developments, to explore the different stages of UI/UX design in game development. Over 7 weeks, you’ll learn to use industry tools like Figma and Unity to craft a portfolio of UI/UX assets that you can use to land your dream job in gaming.
find out how to resolve UI/UX problems with flowcharts
create conceptual moodboards
practice wireframes creation
develop prototypes
create UI/UX design case study
Learn from a leading expert from a world-known company sharing his experience with the international audience:
Principal UI Artist at Frontier Developments
20+ years of experience in the gaming industry
UI experience at a variety of leading game studios, including Sumo Games, Warner Games, and EA, on AAA games such as the NHL and UFC franchises
> Started gaming career as a Flash developer, creating web Adver-Games for Cartoon Network
> Published a personal mobile app, Brickable
Our approach is to provide not only theory, but useful knowledge that you can apply in your work and achieve your professional goals.
Showcase your UI/UX skills to future employers. Work on developing a final portfolio project based on a mock game brief, including a flowchart, moodboard, wireframe, prototype, and UI mockup.
Learn to use Figma and Unity as you create your UI/UX assets. Ariel will provide demos of two of the most widely used software programs in the game industry.
Get ready for job interviews and plan your career trajectory. The final lesson is dedicated entirely to career planning, as you gain tips and tricks on sharpening your portfolio, LinkedIn, and interview skills for a job in game UI/UX design.
16 MAR 2023
7 weeks
14 classes
every Tue & Thu
6 PM UK / 7 PM CET
Live Lectures + Workshops
+ Personal feedback on homework
Course Language: English
LABA wants you to have the best learning experience:
We give practical knowledge
During the course you will find out how to use cutting edge UI/UX tools and provide for your users player experience they will love.
We support everyone
During the entire course you are accompanied by the instructor and our team. You will receive support while working on your homework, and will receive individual feedback and answers to your questions during office hours and in class.
Zajęcia nr 1.
UX & UI: The Common Area
THU (3/16), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Discover the role that UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) designers play in game development and learn how they work together to create engaging player experiences.

  • - Working for players instead of users
  • - Roles of UI/UX designers in game production
  • - UI/UX areas working together
  • - Industry insights on UX & UI roles
Zajęcia nr 2.
Game Conceptualization: Flowcharts
TUE (3/21), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Learn to create flowcharts to empower your UI/UX solutions in a collaborative context.

  • - Basic player personas
  • - Flowchart creation and software overview
  • - Using flowcharts to resolve UI/UX problems
  • - Demo: Developing a mock flowchart in Figma

Assignment #1: Start working on your course project by selecting one of the three game briefs. Use the data provided and the screen’s template to create a flowchart.

Zajęcia nr 3.
Game Conceptualization: The Moodboard
THU (3/23), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Explore different types of moodboards to find the style for your UI.

  • - The importance of creating a moodboard
  • - Moodboard types and layouts
  • - Concepting a moodboard through words
  • - Creating UI screen mockups using moodboards

Assignment #2: Create a moodboard in Figma. Find your conceptual ideas to set the UI style for your game project.

Zajęcia nr 4.
UI Fundamentals: Part 1
TUE (3/28), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Discover the approaches used by video game UI artists as you explore different UI elements and types of interfaces.

  • - The core elements of UI design
  • - Types of interfaces in video games
  • - Case study: Game genres and their interfaces
Zajęcia nr 5.
UI Fundamentals: Part 2
THU (3/30), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Learn the fundamental UI considerations needed to develop UI/UX solutions for different types of devices.

  • - Video game devices: PC, console & mobile
  • - Multi-platform game UI design
  • - Exploring the UI gaming evolution to create better interfaces
Zajęcia nr 6.
Building Wireframes
TUE (4/4), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Wireframes can help you achieve your UI/UX goals from the earliest stage of the game pipeline.

  • - Low-fidelity vs. high-fidelity wireframes
  • - Wireframing for gaming: basic theory
  • - Demo: Developing a wireframe in Figma

Assignment #3: Using the brief you selected, create a wireframe for a player profile screen of your game project.

Zajęcia nr 7.
Prototyping and Usability Testing
THU (4/6), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Take a step forward into the next step of the video game pipeline as you create an interactive prototype to test your UI and delve into feedback from a usability test.

  • - Usability test criteria and priorities
  • - Developing a test plan
  • - Handling feedback from the usability test
  • - Demo: Developing a prototype in Figma

Assignment #4: Create an interactive prototype for your game project using Figma to add simple animations to your wireframe.

Zajęcia nr 8.
UI Mockups
TUE (4/11), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Learn how to craft the identity of your UI without losing all the work you achieved in previous steps.

  • - Mockup creation and software overview
  • - UI mockups and design consistency
  • - Working with a style guide
  • - Demo: Developing a mockup with a UI kit in Figma

Assignment #5: Create a UI mockup. Transform your wireframe into a video game screen using the UI kit provided by Ariel or by creating your own UI assets (using Photoshop or other tools).

Zajęcia nr 9.
UI Implementation
THU (4/13), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Taking ownership of UI implementation will make you a better UI artist. Learn why.

  • - Best-practice asset creation in video games
  • - Asset implementation and software overview (Unity, Unreal, frameworks)
  • - Basic bug resolution
  • - Demo: Basic UI implementation in Unity

Assignment #6 (optional): Practice implementing the provided UI assets in Unity using the screen template.

Zajęcia nr 10.
UX: Cognitive Science Behind Games: Fireside Chat with a Guest Speaker
TUE (4/18), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Join a special fireside chat with Giuliano Arccucci, Game UX Director for Epic Games, to gain a deeper understanding of player behaviors, advanced UX methodology, and cognitive principles.

  • - Different UX roles: researcher, writer, designer & analyst
  • - understanding emotion, motivation & attention
  • - Player personas: behavioral and experiential methods
  • - UX heuristic reviews & expert analysis
Zajęcia nr 11.
User Onboarding
THU (4/20), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Learn how to create an engaging onboarding experience for all types of players.

  • - The first-time user experience (FTUE) framework
  • - Walkthrough vs. hands-on approaches
  • - The learning loop in action
  • - How to shape tutorials
Zajęcia nr 12.
TUE (4/25), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Making games more accessible enables more people to enjoy the benefits that come with playing them.

  • - Accessibility guidelines
  • - Color blindness disabilities
  • - Audio disabilities
  • - Alternative controls

Assignment #7: Perform a color blind test for your mockup using a color blindness simulator.

Zajęcia nr 13.
The Role of a Game UI/UX Designer
THU (4/27), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Boost the soft skills you will need as a UI/UX designer and learn to collaborate with other stakeholders at different stages of the game development pipeline.

  • - Transitioning UI/UX roles in the game production pipeline
  • - Working with cross-functional teams
  • - Complementary skills to grow in UI/UX
  • - Gaming companies: find your fit
Zajęcia nr 14.
Kick-start your UI/UX Career
TUE (5/2), 6 PM UK/7 PM CET

Start preparing your portfolio, get ready for the interview process, and plan your career growth as a UI/UX designer in game development.

  • - Résumés, portfolios, and LinkedIn profile boosters
  • - The interview process and common industry questions
  • - A roadmap to develop your career
  • - Gaming jams

Assignment #8: Bring all your game project pieces together into the UI/UX design case study. Integrate it into your current portfolio or build one from scratch using the Figma template provided.

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